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Designer Flooring Installation : Stepping on perfection

When your guests enter your home probably one of the first things that catch their attention is your flooring. Trends in flooring change every year, with the homeowners acquiring new tastes. Latest technologies in flooring installation bring unlimited possibilities to the designs. The contemporary trends in flooring comprise of natural effects, often varying from stone and wood. If you are wanting to refurbish your floor with stunning motifs, you are at the right place!

Here are some unique ruminations to get terrific flooring installation at your place:

Let your floor be distressed, while you get some respite :
Distressed wood flooring goes through an artificial ageing process to give them a worn out look. The rustic look offers a more earthy feel to the floor. The degree of “distress” depends on the homeowner’s preference. Wooden flooring is perceived by some as arduous to maintain, for them, distressed concrete floors can do the same magic.


Let graphic tiles illustrate your persona :
If you like using your floor as an art canvas, graphic tiles are the perfect option for you-. Advanced technologies enable manufacturers to produce phenomenally aesthetic designs on the tile surfaces. You can opt for repetitive patterns or simply assemble the tiles on the floor like a jigsaw puzzle to create a larger delineation.


Let black and white be the new rainbow :
Will ‘vintage’ ever be out of fashion? Experts say an emphatic NO! This year black and white tiles are making a strong re-emergence. The feeling of nostalgia and the history that is attached to these designs are reasons for their growing popularity. These help in adding a strong style statement to your home improvement endeavours.


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