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We offer a comprehensive floor and wall tiling service, from removing existing tiles, smoothing/leveling floors/walls to fitting the tiles. As we are also skilled carpenters we can remove and refit new skirting on top of the new tiles when laying floor tiles to give the best finish.

We work with all types of tile media, from natural travertine to porcelain and ceramic

We have the experience and a variety of tools and cutting equipment to efficiently profile around all types of sanitary wear and furnishings in the event that objects cant be removed and refitted. All work is carried out to an exceptional standard and in all cases our customers have been happy with the results.

Want to see how we do it? We are confident that our working practice and the results of our work is of an exceptional standard. So we have recently begun to record in time lapse the whole process of each job we do from start to finish and intend to do this on every job. This way our customers can see exactly how we work in there homes and that we dont cut corners, its also our evidence that the job has been done to the correct standard using the best methods. We will upload the most interesting time laps clips on to our web page and Facebook ect. for you to view.

The time laps here documents the removal of some poorly laid ceramic tiles that we were commissioned to remove. We then needed to smooth the sub floor as not all the old adhesive could be removed and the adhesive that was removed with the tiles damaged the original sub floor. We then smoothed the floor with self smoothing latex screed. We had to then sand and seal the latex screed once dried as this type of screed contains chemicals that react with cement based tile adhesives.
Once all the prep work was complete we began laying the new ceramic tiles.

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